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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Picca(chu) on Pico

Pikka, pikka, pikaaa-chuuuuu. For the record, I was not sneezing. I was making the signature sound of the famous anime character Pikachu. Anyhoo, the reason I thought of Pikachu is because we went to Picca(chu) on Pico Blvd this Monday. Picca serves Peruvian tapas. Here is its "P" is for Picca drink...
Prawns! Mmmmm, very fresh and tender.
Tomato skewers... it was very pretty when they all lined up on the wood serving board.
Before I got the "P" drink, I had ordered a serrano pepper drink. Big mistake. It was soooo spicy, my throat tickled and tingled. So I asked the waiter to take it back and give me the pretty "P" drink which M ordered.
Nearing the end of this fun fun meal. Thanks H for organizing it. Ya da best :-)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Medellin, Colombia

Recently I went on a day trip to Medellin, Colombia. I drove and drove and finally got there...
Posing with Medellin behind me nestled in the deep valley. Oh btw, Medellin is huge, this is probably just one third of it.
Just as my tummy was growling: me hungie, a mirage appeared before me...asados exquisitos.
Nice outdoor dining area.
Here is its house special drink. What is it called again? Oh, Limonada de Coco and it cost a whopping 5,000 pesos or 2.5 dollars.
Salad. Very pretty.
This was so good. Fried pork cubes, sausages, and some sort of steak meat. Yum yum.
And this is what I got -- what's the name of the dish? Don't remember. But the meat was so tender.
After lunch, went on a ride through Medellin countryside.
Soon, night fell, and it was time for -- food again! Yay!
We passed by Satay restaurant and lounge, pretty exterior.
But settled on Carmen, which serves fusion Colombian, Vietnamese and Korea food. Yeah, it's a bit of an odd fusion, but as long as it tastes good, I've got no complaints.
Appetizer, some type of ribs, tasty but not particularly memorable.
My fish, again, tasty but I could have had this anywhere in the world.
Bye-bye Medellin...
On our way back to Los Angeles, via Costa Rica :-)