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Monday, May 21, 2007

Cat Van Gogh, the legend lives on...

Due to popular demand, here are additional paintings from my portfolio...

Landscape Painting - oh yeah, the foreground is supposed to be rocks. But alas, they ended up looking like my eye brows...

FYI, these are hydrangeas, not exploding pompoms.

Self portrait after a ├╝ber intense painting session. See the resemblance?

Friday, May 18, 2007

Mother's Day

Just a few words on Mother's Day. We have so many specialized holidays these days - valentine's, boss' day, secretary's day, etc. etc... that I feel we could all do without them. In lieu of the flowers that fade in a week, or the cards that eventually get discarded somewhere, why don't we make every day mom's day, and just be good to our moms, call them, and chat with them and see their concerns and worries. I know I know, even I get annoyed (eye roll) sometimes when my mom is like, make sure you drink this and eat that so that you don't get white hair (more eye roll), but she only says it because she cares so much. So let's do away with Mother's Day and be good to our moms everyday. Mom's love is the best!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Cat Van Gogh

I am taking a class on Japanese impressionist watercolor painting. This is my first real art class -- I've never been or thought of myself as being artistic -- so it was fun to paint. Here are my first tries, don't they just exude mad genius :-)

First Try

Second Try

Third Try...hehe

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Boney "Back" Mountain

It was a nice day so I took a little excursion to Boney Mountain State Park. The Satwiwa Indians used to roam in this area prior to the arrival of the Europeans and settlers from other parts of the world. Now they have all but disappeared.

Beautiful Sky.

Hmmm, maybe I could set up a cabin there and play Little House on the California 1/2 Acre Prairie.

Me riding a horse. Just kidding. If I were a horse, I'd kick human asses off my back!

Rugged California Landscape. We are in a semi-arid area so the plants tend to be short and resistant to drought.

More shrubbery. You get an idea of the SoCal landscape. It's been so dry this year. We all need to be careful and not to start any "wild fires".

My back, my back, chiropractor please...

Thursday, May 3, 2007

RIP Plant Babies

J's prophecy has come true! RIP Plant Babies, sniff sniff.

March :-)

May :-(

Before :-)

After :-(

March :-)

May :-(

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Hong Kong

View of HK skyline from Kowloon - the IFC 2 building has to be the most phallic looking thing there is!

A close up shot :-) note: I didn't take this pic, it's courtesy of 80 ways Tim at (I am normally against putting up others' photos on my blog, but this one is so pretty and my pic really doesn't do HK's skyline justice.)

Bustling Causeway Bay

Bank of China Tower, my favorite skyscraper in the world

Same view at Night

Interesting residential complex near Repulse Bay - notice the square hole in the middle, probably a Feng Shui mandated design

An apartment complex in suburban Hong Kong, they need lots of square boxes to hold all the people.

A bizarre Hong Kong phenomenon

This is probably one of the most bizarre phenomena I've ever seen. Many Hong Kong families employ live in Philippino domestic helpers (aka maids). During the week, they are completely invisible as they work inside homes. But on every Sunday, their day off, they come out in the tens of thousands and occupy every single public space there is -- public parks, plazas, pathways, to socialize with their fellow countrywomen. Since they are live in maids, they don't have anywhere else to go to socialize.

They even hold entertainment events for themselves... in the middle of the financial district!