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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Boney "Back" Mountain

It was a nice day so I took a little excursion to Boney Mountain State Park. The Satwiwa Indians used to roam in this area prior to the arrival of the Europeans and settlers from other parts of the world. Now they have all but disappeared.

Beautiful Sky.

Hmmm, maybe I could set up a cabin there and play Little House on the California 1/2 Acre Prairie.

Me riding a horse. Just kidding. If I were a horse, I'd kick human asses off my back!

Rugged California Landscape. We are in a semi-arid area so the plants tend to be short and resistant to drought.

More shrubbery. You get an idea of the SoCal landscape. It's been so dry this year. We all need to be careful and not to start any "wild fires".

My back, my back, chiropractor please...


Pei said...

Hehe, California's natural landscape is not called shrubbery! It's called chaparral, and it's Mediterranean.

Cat said...

Woo, chaparral sounds much better than shrubbery...

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