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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cat 'n the Southbay Hood

Yo Baby Yo Baby,
Cat is coming to the 'Hood!
Cruisin' in Baby Catmobile,
And munchin' on yummy food...

K, since moving to the Soutbay, I've been exploring new food hangout places by, eh, searching on yelp on my iPad... K, not as cool as Gangsta Cat cruisin 'n the hood, but much more efficient. Saw some good reviews on Chicken Maison so went to check it out.
Cops! Didn't do anything bad, seriously, promise, will behave...
Got their signature dish, the $5 special as advertised above, it was good for $5 but kinda greasy, good neighborhood hangout place though.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


夏祭り or Summer Festival is an annual Japanese holiday (yep this is what's so great about living in a diverse place like SoCal, you can experience the festival of so many cultures with only a minor traffic jam away instead of having to fly a gazillion miles). Yestersday, Mitsuwa, the Japanese grocery store in Torrance (which has a large enclave of Japanese residents), held the annual festival... it was super crowded with kids, parents, grandparents, vendors and kitty cats (k, just me and Hello Kitty:). Some people were even dressed in traditional yukata clothes!
This is what we got for lunch: Japanese veggie pancake and sushi. I was so proud of myself, eating light and healthy. Alright, confession time -- I ate a bunch of yakitori skewers before this, and a grilled corn and some beef bowl afterwards... rubbing pudgy belly.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Empress' New Clothes

Burberry Designer: Your Majesty, we are weaving (in a sweatshop in China) the most extraordinarily beautiful haute couture jacket for you... and it'll only cost the Royal Treasury US$1,295.

Empress: really? Yay! Make sure it matches my tiara, K?

Burberry Designer: of course Your Majesty. The only catch is, this is a magic jacket, and only beautiful majestic people can see it... the common folks will only see it as a transparent plastic sheet, cuz they don't know better.

Empress: Oh, K, I'll keep that in mind. Here is my AmEx card. Swipe it at your leisure.

And so, our empress parades around in this and nothing else... US$1,295 for this? You've got to kidding me! Get a life Burberry. U suck. K, other than the Burberry (non-seethrough) rain coat Princess Cat just bought... at steep discount.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Naughty Food

Who would've known food could be so naughty ... saw this poster for a party themed "Sexy Saturday"... didn't get it at first, then, it was like... *blush*.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Birthday Candle

Thanks girls for taking me out... you guys have so much wisdom, and I no longer feel wu nai :) Here is Orris' version of the creme brulee... more of a pudding than classic creme brulee, but still good.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wu Nai (無奈)

Wu Nai (無奈)= feelings of helplessness...when we were young, we had dreams for the world, to defend the good against the bad, to strive for justice and equality, but in real life, what can one do? I had no idea there were so many self-centered mean spirited people in this world...Wu Nai.