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Monday, April 30, 2007

Lantau Island, Hong Kong's Suburban Bliss

Lantau is the largest island in Hong Kong though it is much less densely populated than Hong Kong Island. I went to Discovery Bay in the morning. It is a residential neighborhood mostly inhabited by expats. Frankly it is rather boring, kind of a standard suburban neighborhood.

So I hopped on a bus and ten minutes later I was at the newest attraction next to the airport, a cable cart ride all the way to the giant Buddha at the Po Lin Monastery, reputed to be the largest outdoor bronze Buddha statue in the world. Unfortunately I got there a little early so I walked around the town a little and caught a glimpse of this elderly gentleman doing Tai Chi.

It was a foggy day but the view was spectacular nevertheless.

Eventually I saw the Buddha and said a prayer.

Starbucks with Chinese Characteristics. Right next to the Monastery - even monks can't escape the wrath of Starbucks!

Bye bye Buddha

Buddha is farther and farther away...

A foggy descent down...

One more hill!

Almost there! Actually the Hong Kong airport is right to the left. We can see the whole airport and planes descending and taking off. Pretty awesome.

Some outlet shopping next to the cable cart ride to end the morning. The motto of Hong Kong - all roads lead to a shopping mall. Cable cart rides are no exception!

Stanley, Hong Kong

We usually think of Hong Kong as a bustling metropolitan city filled with skyscrapers. But it has its tranquil side as well. Here I share with you a few pictures from Stanley, Hong Kong. Stanley is located on the south side of the Hong Kong Island and is occupied primarily by expats.

"Boardwalk" at Stanley -- looks more like it's located in an European city

This good luck temple is right next to the Boardwalk! Truly East meets West.

A Chinese teahouse/restaurant -- I really liked the decor.

Even the chopstick holder is made of hollowed out bamboo

Fisherperson (I think it's a woman) working in Stanley Bay

Locals enjoying an afternoon out

Mangosteens! My favorite fruit in the whole world

Sunset at Stanley -- capping off a wonderful afternoon.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sex and the City - in Haikou

A table of four ladies sat next to me at the elegant Sichuanese restaurant -- see blog below. Well it was apparent that it was a girls' night out -- as the night progressed they grew louder and louder, especially the lady in blue with her back facing our table. She started to complain about men, how the womanizing ones are mean at home, well duh. She talked so fast and so high pitched that it was rather annoying. Then she went to the restroom and came back with her face flushed red and stumbling a bit. As she sat down she blew her nose, with her BARE hand, and threw the yucky stuff onto the floor. I was just about to put a piece of the spicy kidney into my mouth and my jaw just dropped at the sight.

After further inspection, I found the culprit. Ten large bottles of beer for four ladies. Mind you, these are at least twice the size of regular single serving beer bottles.

The ladies talked more -- how their kids are growing uglier and uglier, etc. -- and then they ordered more drinks!

Food Orgy Day

A few dishes from lunch

Roasted Suckling Pig -- notice its little feet and hands, sniff sniff, poor thing, but it was awfully yummy...

Steamed fish - pretty standard Chinese banquet fare

Sea cucumber and abalone - I swear the abalone was made from rubber, it was hard and tasteless, one of the worst abalone I'd ever eaten. It's been twelve hours now, and I think I am still digesting it!

Dinner at an elegant Sichuan restaurant. I really liked the upside down umbrella ceiling lights.

Pretty standard Sichuanese dishes
Husband and Wife Lung Slices

A Sichuanese salad -- though this time the veggie isn't as tender, the one I had in Sichuan was much better, but at least I got some fiber out of it.

Kidney with lots of red hot chilli peppers

Napa cabbage -- for some reason, napa cabbage dishes tend to be on the expensive side in China, this one cost a whopping 5 US bucks.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Rainy Day

Rainy day here in Haikou...

Yep this is what I had for breakfast -- Innards Noodle Soup, liver, tripe, pork blood, etc. with Chinese green and preserved vegies... I know I know it doesn't sound too appetizing, but as the saying goes -- when in rome, do as the romans do.. hmm not sure how that's applicable here, since I am not sure if the Haikouians eat this for breakfast...

Same spot yesterday morning -- all sunny and nice.

This is what I had yesterday morning -- sort of southeastern Asian influenced noodle soup.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Haikou, Hainan

Haikou in the morning - with a hazy outline of the city

Streets of Haikou

On my way to the hotel...

Grounds at the hotel

Interesting foods -- Mini Limes, they are about the size of cherries

Four horned/edged beans (the best translation I can come up with) - the dish and a close up, see the four little horns? They are like green beans except, well, they've got four little horns.

More food pics... roasted duck

seafood soup with green tea leaves

I really liked this dish. You wrap the meat in the little lettuce cups. Very yummy.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Howdy from Hong Kong!

Just arrived in Hong Kong. Am waiting for my connection flight to Mainland China. Anyhoo, some pics from the airport and soso dim sum I had.

My China Southern flight -- with China Airlines behind it.

Ominous clouds

So so dim sum... but at least I got to eat my favorite- chicken feet! BTW the food on the Cathay flight was surprisingly bad. If the food on the return flight is equally bad, I am gonna write to Cathay. Utterly unacceptable.