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Monday, April 30, 2007

Stanley, Hong Kong

We usually think of Hong Kong as a bustling metropolitan city filled with skyscrapers. But it has its tranquil side as well. Here I share with you a few pictures from Stanley, Hong Kong. Stanley is located on the south side of the Hong Kong Island and is occupied primarily by expats.

"Boardwalk" at Stanley -- looks more like it's located in an European city

This good luck temple is right next to the Boardwalk! Truly East meets West.

A Chinese teahouse/restaurant -- I really liked the decor.

Even the chopstick holder is made of hollowed out bamboo

Fisherperson (I think it's a woman) working in Stanley Bay

Locals enjoying an afternoon out

Mangosteens! My favorite fruit in the whole world

Sunset at Stanley -- capping off a wonderful afternoon.

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