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Monday, April 30, 2007

Lantau Island, Hong Kong's Suburban Bliss

Lantau is the largest island in Hong Kong though it is much less densely populated than Hong Kong Island. I went to Discovery Bay in the morning. It is a residential neighborhood mostly inhabited by expats. Frankly it is rather boring, kind of a standard suburban neighborhood.

So I hopped on a bus and ten minutes later I was at the newest attraction next to the airport, a cable cart ride all the way to the giant Buddha at the Po Lin Monastery, reputed to be the largest outdoor bronze Buddha statue in the world. Unfortunately I got there a little early so I walked around the town a little and caught a glimpse of this elderly gentleman doing Tai Chi.

It was a foggy day but the view was spectacular nevertheless.

Eventually I saw the Buddha and said a prayer.

Starbucks with Chinese Characteristics. Right next to the Monastery - even monks can't escape the wrath of Starbucks!

Bye bye Buddha

Buddha is farther and farther away...

A foggy descent down...

One more hill!

Almost there! Actually the Hong Kong airport is right to the left. We can see the whole airport and planes descending and taking off. Pretty awesome.

Some outlet shopping next to the cable cart ride to end the morning. The motto of Hong Kong - all roads lead to a shopping mall. Cable cart rides are no exception!


Anonymous said...

Cool pics!

Anonymous said...

Um, which one is it, Jesus or Buddha? Can't pray to everyone to cover your bets. Besides, instead of praying, shouldn't you be shopping in HK? - T.

Pei said...

That is the best Starbuck's photo I've ever seen.

Cat said...

Eh, who knows, maybe Buddha is Jesus' long lost bro. I totally shopped -- see last pic.

Cat said...

Thanks for the compliment P. Now am I hired as your wedding photographer?

Unknown said...


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