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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Hong Kong

View of HK skyline from Kowloon - the IFC 2 building has to be the most phallic looking thing there is!

A close up shot :-) note: I didn't take this pic, it's courtesy of 80 ways Tim at (I am normally against putting up others' photos on my blog, but this one is so pretty and my pic really doesn't do HK's skyline justice.)

Bustling Causeway Bay

Bank of China Tower, my favorite skyscraper in the world

Same view at Night

Interesting residential complex near Repulse Bay - notice the square hole in the middle, probably a Feng Shui mandated design

An apartment complex in suburban Hong Kong, they need lots of square boxes to hold all the people.


Anonymous said...

seriously, the tower even has the rounded tip at the end. this guy abandoned all subtlety -J

Pei said...

You can be wedding photographer if you assemble all the necessary equipment plus an assistant.

Teresa said...

These pictures give me nightmares of our stint in HK. Shudder.

Cat said...

Poor T. It's been four years! Maybe you ought to attend a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Anonymous meeting :P

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