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Friday, July 20, 2007

Chloe Bag

I want this bag so badly. It is on sale for US$1,300. I know a) it's totally overpriced by like US$1,200, b) it's my one month's rent c) I won't care about the bag in a month. But right now, I want it so much! I can see myself as a globetrotting hotshot lawyer with my sharp suit and a Chloe bag. Ha, the opposing counsel will have no chance! But, alas, I am old enough that I can control my buying impulses. Hmm, maybe I should find a $20 imitation when I am in Hong Kong next...


Pei said...

Being pretty isn't just for others. It makes you feel better too. If you feel happy that you look good, others will pick up on that.

Anonymous said...

As your personal shopper, I'm quitting if you buy another expensive bag without first buying some clothes to go with it. Worse yet, buying clothes and have them sit in the closet. - T.

Cat said...

I promise -- I will wear the clothes in the closet. BTW, your dress is at dry cleaning.

Chloe bags said...

I want to buy chloe bags in wholesale not expensive, does anyone know where I can get them have searched the ones I am getting are a little expensive.

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