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Monday, April 21, 2008

Freedom from Want

I was bored today so I went and opened up all the usual shopping sites and as I stared at the screen, I realized there is nothing I need and nothing I want. I've got everything... reminded me of this Rockwell painting -- Freedom from Want. But unlike these people, I would never turn my head away from food, weirdos...


Anonymous said...

no one's going to be turning away from big juicy turkeys if the food shortages continue...

Cat said...

Food shortage, America? Gasp! It might be a blessing in disguise and we may all slim down.

Anonymous said...

you should check on daily deals from Amazon. You will find something you need there...

Anonymous said...

When I have money burning a hole through my pocket but don't find anything on line to buy, I take myself to a fancy meal out. Yes, alone. It's fun! You can be the mysterious woman at the bar.

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