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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Good Night from Istanbul!

We started our night out at the Four Season's... alas, I am not staying here... given the economic times, even Princess Cat needs to tighten her belt :-P BTW, this used to be a prison!

Sultan Ahmet Mosque -- you can tell that it is a very important mosque by the six pole thingies. The Mosque in Mecca has seven!

The Hagia Sophia -- it began its life as a Christian basilica, then became a mosque and now it's a museum. It is right across the street from the Sultan Ahmet Mosque.

Another view of Hagia Sophia

Then we grabbed a beer at an "alpine" bar...

After the beer, we headed to Taksim... a popular place that's akin to a nightmarket... the flower vendor at the Taksim Square.

Main thoroughfare at Taksim.

Look at the fish! The one in front has got these little nail like things!

Fruitstand. Notice the long melon hanging on top?

Time to find a restaurant...

We settled on a mom and pop place. It was 10 and the place was packed! It seems people elsewhere (ie. other than America) really know how to enjoy life, chatting with friends until the wee hours.

This is celery root, good dish to eat before the main entree, very refreshing.

My favorite, grilled sea bass! Very lightly seasoned, fresh and tender.