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Monday, January 26, 2009

The Chinese Invented the Lunar New Year!

Ok, we Chinese are a very generous people. But I am feeling a bit of consternation that other countries are proclaiming the Lunar New Year as the Mongolian New Year or the Vietnamese New Year or the Korean New Year... Ahem, the Lunar New Year originated in China. Long long time ago, when China was a powerful country, its Confucian culture spread to its neighboring states and hence many adapted Chinese characters as their written language and the Chinese Lunar calendar as their calendar... But it's misleading to call the Chinese New Year anything other than aka the Lunar New Year... It's like me writing a paper on Einstein's Theory of Relativity, making a few tweaks here and there, scribble a few Hello Kitty figures on the margins, and then call it Prof MeowMeow Cat's Theory of Relativity as if I independently came up with the idea and try to claim the Nobel Prize... It's just not right! Hmph. Btw, don't be deceived by her innocent looks!


Anonymous said...

"long long time ago when China was a powerful country" makes it sound like China is not a powerful country anymore. I'm SURE that's not what you meant!
- Mao (aka J)

P said...

"long long ago, when China was THE powerful country..."

Cat said...

Haha... the spirit of Chairman Mao is chanelling through J...

Yep, I stand corrected, when it was THE powerful country!

Cat said...

ooops, typo, should be "channeling" through...

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