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Friday, January 22, 2010

Ms. Cat Goes to Washington

Washington DC, here I come! Going to DC today to meet with my pal Barack... See ya later!


-J said...

oh oh! bring one back:

Pei said...

If you have a chance, go to Amsterdam Falafel and Matchbox (for pizza and wine). Both are so good! Especially Amsterdam, you will LOVE IT. There's no falafel like that in LA.

And if you have $$ and time for a splurge, Minibar at Cafe Atlantico!

Cat said...

J - you should've put a warning on that plump crab cake... I almost ruined my friend's keyboard!

Pei said...

DC also has some pretty tasty Peruvian chicken (there are a few chains, I'm sure L knows them), but Amsterdam is a must. Last time I was there we also drove out to Wegman's. I could have spent like 3 hours in there, easily. So much food to look at.

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