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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Oh no!

Blogger is forcing me to migrate out of the FTP mode. Being really internet-unsavvy, I made a boo-boo right off the bat and now I have to find a way to continue update my blog. Eeeek! Maybe it's time to take a webdesign course!


Anonymous said...


Pei said...

my eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!

-J said...

Star Fucks Porn Queen? I smell photoshop.

Cat said...

Wow, you have sharp eyes J... nope it's not photoshop... but then again maybe not Chinglish either... many Chinese developments put up these fake signs for potential buyers, who knows maybe an American intentionally put it up as a prank.

Loanne said...

UH... CAT? What do YOU drink in the morning? Nice find.

Anonymous said...

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