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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ikko Sushi: Part Deux

Ikko Sushi in Torrance is having an omakase special for the holidays... make sure you call at least one day in advance of your special holiday dinner :)
Isn't this a beautiful picture? This is seafood chowder with a puff pastry top.
Sashimi with seaweed that tasted like perilla leaves... I was so puzzled when I first tasted it. I was like, I know this flavor... where did I taste it before?
Star of the evening, foie gras and kobe beef meatloaf... sorry the picture isn't so clear but it was so flavorful... mmmmmmm....
Taro and crabmeat...
Dessert: sweet potato pudding with sesame and chestnut.
Love the decor too. They have these simple cotton screens between the tables, gave the place a sense of mystique and also afforded diners privacy. Highly recommended :)