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Sunday, September 25, 2011

How to get fat lips without surgical enhancements...

Go to Hunan Chilli King! Yes, that's Chili with a double "LL"... Rawwrrr... But no alcohol permitted... seriously this is like the perfect food to go with Chinese liquor.
Stir Fried Lamb: not for peeps who do not like cilantro, yes all the green stuff is cilantro!
Purple perilla leaves with cucumber. This is a very unique Hunanese dish. Chinese cuisine typically does not heavily use herbs such as perilla leaves.
Spicy crabs, so delicious. When we requested middle spiciness, the waitress quickly overruled us and wrote small spiciness down instead... little did we know, Einstein's Theory of Relativity applies to hotness too. Although rated small spiciness on the Hunanese scale, I'd put at least four hot chili peppers next to this dish. It was darn spicy and I was getting teary eyed, a runny nose and burning lips. Next time I am gonna order extra extra small spiciness.
Chinese yoghurt to the rescue... on behalf of my fat lips, thank you moo moo cows!
Restaurant still packed at 9:30...