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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Muslim Quarters, Xian, China

China is a much more culturally and religiously diverse country than many people realize... here are a few pictures of the Muslim Quarter in Xian, China. Xian used to be the end point of the Silk Road and the Muslim influence is evident in its food culture. The Drum Tower at the entrance to the Muslim Quarter.

The sign at the entrance to the tower means heavenly sound.

The main thoroughfare in the Muslim Quarter.

Lamb feet, you'll never find any pig's feet here.

Notice the pancakes to the right in the previous pic? Here is a close up and it is called -- Nang! Yes same as the Indian word for pancake.

Muslims selling spicy snacks

Cold skin noodles -- native Shaanxi people do not use the thick sesame sauce, but other parts of China use lots of sesame sauce for cold noodles.

Dried Jujubes, like the vibrant color

Muslims making pancakes...

Small stir fried dishes (small stir fry usually connotes casual family style foods)...If you see a person wearing this type of hat in China, it means they are Muslim.

This is my favorite! It's called persimmon pancake. They mix persimmon with flour then make it into a persimmon shaped pancake. You have all sorts of choices for fillings -- sesame paste, bean paste, walnut paste, etc. etc... so so good.

Here is mine. Oh got a manicure earlier in the day. Persimmon pancake is so so good, got a second one on the way back.

Xi'an's official soft drink, a type of orangy soda.

This is a typical Shaanxi hot pot -- non-pork meatballs, vermicilli, veggies, seaweed, tofu noodles, tofu, very very good for a cold day. My tummy felt so happy afterwards, giggles :)

This is a famous Xian dessert place, it is called East Ocean Jing Pancake, long long line.

They make a huge pot of Jing Pancake then sell it by the piece.

Side street in Muslim Quarter

Lamb and beef kabob place!

Lao Mi Jia (or Old Rice Family) is a famous Lamb Soaked in Mo place. Mo means flour bun in Shaanxi dialect. What they do is they give you a huge bowl of mutton soup, then you shred the Mos and let the pieces soak up the soup, then eat it as a noodle soup kind of dish.


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Anonymous said...

YUMMMM! amazing!!!!

Anonymous said...

that was me, h btw :) cant wait to see you when u get back next week! safe and happy travels cat!

Anonymous said...

Haha, seeya soon H :) - Cat

hock g tjoa said...

Love your blog!

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Thank you! - Cat

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