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Sunday, February 25, 2007


Phew, almost finished the first leg of my trip -- the 5pm flight was a huge mistake. Since the arrival time in Heathrow was 3am LA time, I woke up a very grumpy and angry Cat at 2am! Reminder to self - take the 11pm flight next time, at least I get to sleep the entire night.

Finally arrived in Lisbon. When the plane was approaching the airport, the aerial view reminded me of San Francisco -- especially the bridge. See the link below to the bridge... isn't it kind of Golden Gate-ish?

  • Lisbon Bridge

  • Lisbon is hilly -- not very crowded. The hotel is tucked in a residential area on top of a hill. We had a wonderful dinner at the restaurant in the hotel. Sorry, it was so elegant I couldn't take any pics... but I had John Dorry and Tiramisu.

    Hehe, the ButtWash -- I've seen this in Spain too, maybe it's a Mediterranean/southern European thing. Do not recall seeing it in London.


    Pei said...

    LOL. Buttwash.

    I believe the French invented it and named it a bidet. They tried to make it popular in Taiwan, but I don't think it took.

    Anonymous said...

    Omg. The buttwash definitely deserves a more indepth explanation, perhaps even a step by step tutorial. :)

    I request pictures of Lisbon food. -J

    Cat said...

    Okay, will take some food pics just for you! Lately, it's been kinda difficult though... will tell you guys later.