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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Observations in Lisbon

1. The Portuguese aren't tall people. I don't feel short at all here.
2. 90% of the taxis are Mercedes and the fare is cheap.
3. I have yet to see another Asian person in the city. People kind of look at me with some curiosity.

I went to a gift shop today. For once, I actually tried to practice my Portuguese, but the shopkeeper spoke really good English. Before long, I realized he wasn't Portuguese at all, but English. And his wife, she is from Seattle! What a life, moving from Seattle to Lisbon.

I am sitting in the hotel lobby now -- listening to live music in the bar. The pianist is playing What a Wonderful Life. It is a wonderful life indeed!

Ha, we need this in LA...super cute!

More Lisbon street scenes. I almost got lost today. But fortunately I got directions from a young man who spoke English.


Anonymous said...

did you get anything else from the nice, english-speaking young man? =D

Cat said...

Nope. Wahh, the 200th lost opportunity...