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Friday, March 2, 2007

Bye bye Heathrow ... Hello LA!

Aahh! Nightmare, nightmare! What is this ridiculous British rule of no more than one carryone, even if you carry a laptop case plus a teeny weeny itsy bitsy purse. As a result, I've got nothing to hold my passport, wallet, blackberry, cell phone, camera... I had to somehow attach all of those onto my clothes. Oh the humiliation -- how dorky is it to have a blackberry hanging off your jean pocket and a wallet bulging out of the jacket! Enough! Next time I am gonna make my connection at Paris DeGaulle...

Oh, here is a pic of Virgin's upper class lounge at Heathrow... it's nice! I am checking out for stars for you guys at this moment while sipping a gin and tonic and reading Vogue...the Chloe bag looks so good, want one badly but must control myself!

Crisps and Bubblies to start off the flight...

Followed by some crab cakes which sucked (90% potatoes and 10% crabmeat). Note to Virgin -- go get some from Costco's, those are much better.

... and after 11 hours, voila! Home Sweet Home...The urban sprawl known as Los Angeles and the reddish hue above known as smog! EEWW!

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