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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Food pics... finally!

By popular demand, food pics at last! But don't hold your breadth, Portugal isn't known as a foodie's paradise. I couldn't really take any pics in restaurants as they were kinda formal and it would've been in bad taste. So these are pics from the hotel... Gotta get ready for flight back to LAX now, see you later!

Creme de Couveflor com trufa preta de Norcia (translation - Cream of cauliflower with Norcia black truffle) Why do people like truffle so much, it didn't taste of anything!

Carpaccio classico do Cipriani (Thinly sliced raw prime beef seasoned with classic Cipriani sauce) I didn't like it too much, was expecting more of a prosciutto type of thing. The coldcuts here are superb. I had the best cured salmon for breakfast this morning... kept going back for seconds!

Fruta exotica e da epoca laminada em xarope de cha verde (Sliced exotic and seasonal fruit with green tea syrup) Now think of it, it didn't come along with any syrup, oh well, it was still pretty good.

Porto Porto Porto! Oh, the Mercedes is a reflection...


Pei said...

Gorgeous photos! The city looks fantastic. The food's pretty too. I agree; carpaccio is nothing like smoked salmon. It's actually more like really red raw tuna, and sometimes the taste depends on whether they give you a sauce. But that port is making me drool...

Cat said...

Thanks for the compliment. Next time I'll have to call back and consult you before I make my orders ;-) I wish I could have brought back some port -- stupid travel restrictions!

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