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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bunny Report

I am bunny sitting this week. It's so much responsibility. Although I am told I can stop by once every other day, I've decided to stop by and check on Bunny at least once a day -- lest something happens to the Bunny. I could tell that Bunny was a bit lonely today. It was really happy when I petted it and let it out and play. But when I let him out, I have to keep an eye on him because it likes to munch on the carpet and that's no good. Bad Bunny! Anyhoo, here is a pic for its mommy and daddy. Say cheese!


Anonymous said...

Just because the bunny has only one ball, that doesn't make it less of a male bunny. So stop referring to him as it. -- Jiggy.

Cat said...

Fine, fine, ungrateful mommy and daddy -- it's a HE. Oh, stop complaining about my writing, just be grateful that you are getting premium bunny care -- yesterday we had morning play time together, and then afternoon play time. I am the bestest bunny sitter ever!