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Monday, June 4, 2007

Vegas Baby!

I was in Vegas with T and S this weekend. It was a fun trip - let's see, I lost 80 bucks, ran into Elvis at the MGM Grande, saw Caesar and entourage at the Forum Shops (I was slightly tempted to do an re-enactment of the Ides of March), saw "O", the Cirque du Soleil show, ripped on some guy who thought I was an FOB tourist and whom I thought was a deaf mute (more on this later), stuffed ourselves silly at the Bellagio Buffet, and the trip ended on a high note with T winning a whopping 3 bucks at the penny slot machine! Here are some pics, enjoy!

Multiple choice question: what is this circular thingy?

a) the last picture taken before S, T and Cat were sucked into an UFO (tho they were promptly spit out after they informed the aliens that they were lawyers)
b) a picture of the Las Vegas Galaxy taken by the Hubble Space Telescope
c) A starry night in Vegas, since Vegas is so light pollution free, even the Milky Way was clearly visible
d) the ceiling of the "O" theater in the Bellagio!

We also did a quicky world tour.
New York

Paris Skyline

Paris Skyline at night

We strolled through the streets of Paris...

...and stopped by Le Village Buffet

Shops at the Forum - hmm, didn't know the Romans were shopaholics.

Gucci - an ancient brand founded during Roman times. Rumor has it, Caesar would only wear Gucci robes.

Lobby at the Bellagio, very beautiful stain glass fixtures

Water show at the Bellagio

And THE Buffet! The lamb chops were delicious, I had five of them.

More food,

Several more rounds, then dessert,

More Dessert,


Little Duckie cooling in the shade outside of the Mirage -- hmm, maybe the duckie was just a Mirage from my imagination.

Waiting for flight back to LA - slot machines at the airport - they really want you to leave your money in Vegas.


Anonymous said...

man... those are some huge, delicious looking crab legs. however, i'm disappointed at the sight of green things on your plate. waste of space... -J

Pei said...

I love the lamb there too!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm, my mouth is watering. you've inspired me to take a weekend trip to vegas. i'm going to book my flight right now.

hope you're feeling better!

Cat said...

J - the green things are strategic, I eat lots more if I combine meats with salads - remember how much salad I ate at the all you can eat Korean BBQ place?

Anonymous - have you booked your flight yet? Yes, I am feeling better. Viva Las Vegas!