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Monday, September 3, 2007

Clouds over LA...

I've decided to combine the pictures I took of clouds over LA into one collection entitled -- Clouds over LA... yay, this shall be my first photographic exhibit... Gosh, I am officially an artist now!

Lately, I've been quiet fascinated by the clouds over LA. Hmmm, maybe it's the extreme heat in the area, but we've been getting some very puffy looking clouds. Anyhoo, as Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls once said (in a very cutesy little girl voice) -- I like clouds, some are shaped like heart, some are shaped like pony and some are shaped like clouds... Ah, sometimes I wonder if angels are indeed napping inside, floating in all the puffiness...

Okie, since I am an artist now, I better come up with some self important, pretentious description of my pictures...

Existentialist Clouds -- oh the human condition, it's so fleeting so meaningless, blahblahblah...

Pretty clouds over Public Storage - they reminded me of the clouds in European classical paintings...

Going home Clouds ... ahhh, stuck in traffic.

Polygamist Clouds over the Mormon Temple, hehe.

My favorite! Puffy puffy clouds, I just want to pinch their cheeks!


Anonymous said...

I like the polygamist clouds -- them mormons are onto something... -J

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