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Friday, August 24, 2007

Proud to be Petite!

I was shopping on I am a petite woman -- and petites are listed under "special" sizes. WTF, what is so "special" about being petite? I am totally normal! Petite women of the world unite!


Pei said...

Special that you are not a fat ass like most Americans! I was talking to my uncle about New Orleans yesterday and said "And if you go to the South, you start realizing why people say America is FAT." And he looked at me in shock and said "I thought Californians were the fattest!" Basically, he couldn't imagine a place where even more people are obese.

Cat said...

Eh, large sizes are also listed under "special." The sense here is that "special" means deviation from the normal range. Also the petite selection is always lacking...

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