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Friday, August 3, 2007


I was working late today so treated myself to some home made dumplings as a late night snack. Dumplings are probably Northern Chinese's sole contribution to Chinese cuisine. I am particularly proud of the ones below because I personally made the dough wrappers. (though I suppose P and J deserve some recognition too for getting the pork, the shrimp, the chives, chopping them up to the make fillings, mixing the flour and water and some other stuff to make the dough, wrapping the dumplings, etc. etc.) It was so hot this past weekend -- I almost had a heat stroke from making the dough wrappers.

Look at these -- fat and yummy.

A closer look at the filling.


Anonymous said...

"sole contribution?" :P

Peking Duck, every kind of noodle bowl, hot pot, zha jiang noodles, all cold dishes appetizer dishes that you eat before a meal like fried peanuts, thousand year eggs with tofu, fermented veggies, (where do you think the korean concept of panchan came from?); and anything with cumin in it (ie. the cumin lamb dish that you loved in Beijing)...those are all northern.

Southern cuisine is just more widespread because most immigrants came from Southern China. A lot of Northern cuisine is also thought of as Southern because so many Northerners retreated to Taiwan after the war.


Cat said...

Fine, sole contribution is an exaggeration, point taken, thanks for the Chinese culinary history lesson. But still, southern cuisines rule!

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