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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Cat's Excellent Adventure aboard the Golden Princess

Phew, finally back on land. Cruise was fun, but after 7 days at sea, I was ready to come back ashore. My forefathers didn't abandon fins and develop limbs for nothing :-) But, I must say, overall, the cruise was excellent, big kudos to Princess Cruise for the impeccable service and excellent organization!

Hooray Golden Princess! I took this picture while the GP was parked in Mazatlan -- the weather was beautiful.

Lots of relaxation...

I love my iPod! Thank goodness for my iPod, there was absolutely no internet service (unless you pay a hefty fee for slow satellite internet)... initially suffered from blackberry withdrawal symptoms, but recovered quickly :-)

Lots of food -- it seemed no matter what we did, we always ended up bumping into each other at the buffet place ;-)

And lots of partying!


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