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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Port Vallarta, Mexico

The first port of call of the cruise was Port Vallarta, Mexico. It is very touristy and somewhat polluted. I could see a ring of smog surrounding the bay and I could also imagine how beautiful it must have been prior to human settlement (though in all fairness it is still very beautiful). Anyhoo, here are some sights and scenes from Port Vallarta.

Two of my favorite pictures -- let's test the waters...

...ahhhhhh! The wave is coming!

Port Vallarta has some interesting, and rather modern and abstract, sculptures...Hmmm... maybe I can make some Mermaid Fin soup out of this... hehe :P

Angel with extended arms -- see my shadow on the bottom?

What looks like the sculpture of a monk at the town's largest church

Tour of a Tequila Factory -- though it looks like the factory was set up just for tourists. I wanted to buy a bottle to bring back for friends -- but the whole thing was so touristy that I really questioned its authenticity not to mention the ridiculously marked up prices...

I liked the mural.


Colorful Cabinet

Land of Tequila Mural
It was a cute factory and all, but too touristy -- we went in, looked around, dad and sis had some free margaritas, and marched right out...

Pretty silver jewelries...

A Chinese Restaurant in Port Vallarta!

Bye bye Port Vallarta...