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Friday, April 25, 2008


Hello all! Not much to report lately, going to DC tomorrow, really need a change in scenary. Too bad I missed the cherry blossoms there. So pretty. In the mean time, I am gonna catch some zzzzzsss... Note to self: remember to tuck in the fluffy tail...


Anonymous said...

DC? Hopefully for play, not for work.

I doubt you can get in on such short notice, but Minibar at ther restaurant Cafe Atlantico is one of the most interesting/fun meals I've ever had. The rest of the restaurant seems to be seafood and pretty good, but Minibar was out of this world.

Anonymous said...

Oh thanks. I will look into it. It's for fun not for work :-P


Anonymous said...

Yay! For FUN! Definitely go to Eastern Market and have a fried oyster sandwich. I think you'd really love it.

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