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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Go Obama!

Tonight, I can say I am truly proud to be an American! Go Obama, do us proud!
Photo courtesy of Daniel Acker/Bloomberg News


Anonymous said...

I wish Michelle would tell the media to SUCK IT and wear whatever she wants instead of letting them dowdify her. Oh well, it's a small price to pay for victory. After November 8th she can wear whatever she wants. In the White House.

Unknown said...

On the contrary, it is today that I am even more proud an American (than usual, if that's possible!) after watching Sarah Palin!!

Cat said...

I'll have to see. I am not going to vote for her just because I am a woman. I doubt many African Americans are proud to have someone like Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court. My gut feeling is, Sarah Palin is the female version of Clarence Thomas.

Anonymous said...

I'll have to see too. Palin was picked by McCain's team to shore up his image with bitter Hillary supporters and younger voters. She might or might not be a great candidate, but the mere fact that she was picked doesn't make me proud of anything.

Anonymous said...

Plus, McCain is a bazillion years old, and Palin is nowhere close to being qualified to be president.

Unknown said...

Definitely watch her speech today.

Probably not a majority of people will vote for the McCain ticket b/c Palin is female, just like one would think (and hope?!!) the majority of people will not vote for Obama b/c he's African American... Liberman would have been the better choice as McCain's VP to pickup the bitter Hillary supporters, unless THEY would only be voting for Hillary b/c she is female!

Palin seems to add balance to pickup the other half of the Republican Party who is far more conservative than McCain.

Two current members of the G8 are 71-72 yrs old, and remember that Ronald Regan was 73 when voted into his 2nd term (4yrs after being shot!) - arguably in his prime term as president. A dozen other current world leaders are 80+.

But really though: how would EITHER Palin OR Obama be "qualified" to be president?

Cat said...

Good points, pd, I'll need to do a more thorough write up on this later...

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