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Saturday, August 16, 2008


It felt like a throw back in time...


Anonymous said...

How romantic. I hope your companion was a stunning young man.

Anonymous said...

a stunning young man who arrived on a golden maned steed with a basket of strawberries.... -J :)

Cat said...

and sweep me off my feet... actually it's the strawberries I am going after :-)

Anonymous said...

Maned, J, maned.

Manned would be like if the steed had golden men on it. Also cool.

He should also have a basket of bacon wrapped goat cheese stuffed figs, and a salami.

Anonymous said...

You really need to learn to read more carefully... -J

Cat said...

Dammit, regardless wether the horse is golden manned or maned, the dude better have a refrigerator filled with yummy foods, bacon with figs, SI-DO-PEE-LIs, lobsters, crabs... otherwise, no way I am going with him!

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