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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Doki and Nabi: couple of the century!

Oh, it's been such a nice day. The weather was warm and toasty. When I got off work, even the heavens was smiling at me. The moon was a perfect little crescent, with one bright bright star to its upper left side and one bright bright star to its upper right, forming a perfect smiley face! Though after a few seconds, I noticed the star on its right was moving slowly in the direction of LAX... but anyways... before I reached the parking garage, my nose caught a whiff of delicious BBQ smell... it turned out one of the entertainment companies was having a dinner reception... hmmm I so wanted to crash it and if I ever get arrested for trespassing... I'll use the defense that my nose made me do it!

Alrighty, getting back to the subject of this blog entry: Doki and Nabi! Thanks P for emailing me the link. I just love this cartoon series... it's so cute and got a good message too -- love conquers everything, even if you are a bunny that falls in love with a kitty! Check it out!


Anonymous said...

Glad you liked it! I love how the music and animation is so psychedelic, just like the bunny's love.

Cat said...

Psychedelic, that's the word for bunny's love... I loved it when he asked her out for a second date and she whipped out a humongous "YES" flag... haha...