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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cat the Barbarian

Aww, Monkey Muffin... so cute!

CHOMP, MUNCH, CHOMP... poor little Monkey, who would do such a thing? Wiping away crocodile tears and muffin crumbs.


Pei said...

I laughed at your evil post. Laughed out loud. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

Cat said...

Didn't do it! Innocent. Don't you think the muffin looked more like a bear than a monkey? Anyway, maybe carnivore girl can share this with her veggie boy, it would be a perfect dessert for those two!

Carnivore Girl said...

I think if I had the skillz to bake something like that, I wouldn't have the heart to eat it....

Cat said...

But, you are carnivore girl... bring forth your wild cavewoman urges!

bella said...

You are a bad, bad, bad CAT!!!
You need to be put out in the rain!
This is SOOOOO what you deserve in the end!

This is you too... funny...
Poor innocent birdie.


Cat said...

Hmph. Sylvester is SOOO not me! He is a common stray cat. I am Princess Cat :-)

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