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Monday, March 2, 2009

Geyongbok Palace

On my final day, or morning, in Seoul, I went to Geyongbok Palace... and of course, I couldn't escape my stalkers: the Japanese tourists. They are eveywhere. I go to Paris, they are there, I go to Taipei, they are there. I am about to file a restraining order against them at the Interpol :-)

Main entrance. The palace is clearly modeled after the Forbidden City Palace but incorporating Korean elements. Most noticeably, the roof is not gold, the arch of the roof is slightly different...

The old and the new... downtown Seoul is in the backcground.

The pagoda in the back houses the National Folk Museum. The Koreans do a neat job of presenting their culture.

I like this tree. My grandfather's name in Chinese is composed of the characters "Jade" and "Tree" and it reminds me of him.

Palace grounds -- you can even see Seoul Tower from here... I am such a good photographer, kekeke... so many good photos to show off :-P

Reflections... now I am feeling very deep... need to compose a poem to express all the emotions swelling inside of me... which isn't much at this moment, I was actually pretty hungry... food.

It would be nice to be a princess and all, but I would much prefer to grab some hearty foods at a hole in the wall place (or a tent on the street place) than having a gazillion course royal meal and worry if I am using the fork correctly and if there is ketchup on my nose etc etc.

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Anonymous said...

absolutely love your pictures!