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Friday, October 2, 2009

Crab Roe and Si Melon Noodle Soup

We had a left over Dazha crab from our lunch, so we plucked the crabmeat and saved it for a later meal. The next day, a neighbor gave us some Si melon from her garden and my aunt decided to make a noodle soup with the crab meat and the melon.

Look at the final product. Btw, that is not grease floating on top, it's the natural oil from the crab roe, so good! The noodles are Shanghainese Yang Chun noodles, love it!

Here is my aunt in her kitchen. Thanks, Nian Nian. We Shanghainese call our paternal aunts Nian Nian, as opposed to Gu Gu in Mandarin, and we call our older brothers, Gu Gu...yeah, we are weird, in addition to being superficial and conceited. But nevertheless, we are still better than all other Chinese, now take that :-P


Anonymous said...

Back to torturing J, I see. -J

Cat said...

Yep yep, can't take too long of a break, bring on the guillotine!

Pei said...

Your aunt's kitchen is cute! It's so retro.

Si gua is good with tilapia too, if you don't get stuck with too fishy a fish. Taiwanese people do almost the exact same thing your aunt did, with the noodles and broth. Yum!

Cat said...

Yeah, my aunt's kitchen is uber cute... she actually renovated it last year, and enlarged her kitchen by knocking out a wall and a combining a third bedroom (a tiny one) with the kitchen. So where the fridge sits now, it used to be part of a third bedroom.

Pe said...

She is also very avante garde. I was snooping around kitchen sites and this year's winner for "boldest kitchen move" was someone with a shiny red kitchen of the same material as your aunts, who put his washer/dryer in the kitchen.'

Your aunt should tell him "that is old news in China."

Cat said...

My family was pretty avante garde... my grandfather's preferred accessories were Omega and Movado watches, and the furniture we had were art deco style rosewood opposed to the Chinese style with busy carvings... and that was in 1940s China.

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