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Monday, October 19, 2009

Negotiations 101: Pink Power

It's so hard being a (very pretty, hehe) girl lawyer working in a boy dominated world, especially when I have to negotiate against big and burly guys...ewe. But alas, I've developed a secret three step program to success and here I'll share with you... do not tell anyone else, K?

Step 1: Pucker your lips and bat your lashes... about 50% of the boys usually melt by this point and raise the white flag and surrender.

Step 2: if step 1 for any reason doesn't work, then open your eyes wide, and fill them with a pool of innocent tears, like this, most men will be like -- oh it'd be so un-chivalrous to be mean to a poor helpless little kitteh... hehe, suckers!

Step 3: well there are some evil men out there, so if step 1 and step 2 do not work... you need to show your true colors and go Hiiiiiyaaaaaaahhhh! And beat the @%%#% out of them! Trust me, it's worked every time.


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