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Thursday, August 19, 2010


I never knew a corporate-y mall restaurant would be this good. L is leaving us to teach English in China this week, so I, being a big sister, decided to take her out and teach her some essentially phrases before she heads out. L is vegetarian, so she got this vegetable platter. The veggies were carefully chosen and beautifully arranged, there is the grilled artichoke, tomatillos, tomatoes, various types of pretty!

This has to be the best rotisserie chicken I'd ever had in the US. Nothing like the stringy Tyson's chicken. This is tender organic chicken, generously seasoned with herbs and spices (yay! flavors!), and the broth it came with is so good... Highly recommended.

Good luck L! I know you'll do us proud. Remember to scream 救命 (pronounced Jiu Ming or Joe Ming (Dynasty) if it's too hard to remember) whenever you don't feel safe. Awww.. we are sending our baby legal assistant off, sniff sniff...


-J said...

Eh.. I feel everything there tastes the same.

Cat said...

When was the last time you ate there? Maybe they changed chefs... The chicken was so good.