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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

In a sign of the times, I celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival at a Jewish Deli, Factor's. Mooncakes just don't do it for me... they have really good pickles, I like the fresh type, it's got this pickle crunchiness without the extreme sourness.

My pastrami sandwich which I devoured... yum. The pastrami was not too salty and almost got this buttery creaminess to it. Mmmm... pastrami sandwich. I wish they had stuffed more in there...k, I am greedy :-P


Pei said...

haha, it's like how the stereotype is that Jews eat at Chinese restaurants on Christmas, because neither group celebrates Christmas!

Cat said...

Yep, we should start a tradition, eat at Jewish Deli for Mid-Autumn Festival... mooncakes = ewe ewe ewe.

Bella said...

I like the top image. Nice composition.

Cat said...

Thanks, actually I didn't compose anything, it was just laid out that way -- but I agree it's got a nice composition to it. The colors especially.