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Thursday, September 2, 2010


L and I were looking forward to going to a new Asian fusion restaurant called Red Medicine the other night. But alas, when we drove there, everything's all dark, it turned out it hadn't opened yet. So we swung around to La Cienega and decided to give Matsuhisa a try. We were seated at the bar, which I like lots... unlike Nobu, this place has a small intimate feel to it.

Poor little uni sushi, all by itself, sigh, if you weren't so expensive, I would've ordered a girlfriend for you...

Aww, oyster sushi lovebirds... they look so chummy together.

Isn't this a beautiful pic. L's BB has the best flashlight... I think we deserve the award for best team work photography. Oh btw, this is grilled scampi.

Soft shell crab roll... again the pic came out so pretty.

Last course, courtesy of a gentlemen at the bar (we just look too cute:) --uni shooters! Then we met Mrs. Matsuhisa and chatted with other restaurant goers at the bar. Such a fun night...


Bella said...

Uh... You can have my uni shooter. I'll stick with Jack and maybe his friend Ginger.

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