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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ikko Sushi

Ikko Sushi is located in a non-descriptive strip mall. I would never even think of going in there had BC not recommended the place to me. We got there right at 5:30 as the restaurant opened. It's dark and serene inside... and we got the US$60 omakase meal.
First course, oysters with ponzu mousse, amberjack (it's so pretty) with mango salsa and white wine jelly, and chicken liver pate with parmesan crackers. It was so good. The oysters were fresh and bursted in my mouth with all the oyster goodness, the pinkish amberjack, oh my, the texture, the presentation, and the chicken liver pate, it was just right, I like pate, but often find them to be too liver-y, this was light and airy with a subtle hint of liver. But in all honesty, no words can do justice to this magnificent plate of food, you've got the try this yourself.
The first course was followed by a simple daikon salad. Where did they find such juicy daikon? Perfect dish to clean the palate.
White fish tempura. Where did they find this pretty little piece of white fish? It was thin and flat, and the meat was flakey and tender.
Steamed abalone with daikon. This is what good abalone should taste like. It's el dente without being too rubbery. And the meat sort of exuded a subtle buttery-ness.
After the meal, BC asked me whether I had had better nigri. After a trip down sushi memory lane, I reached the conclusion that this was the best nigri I'd ever had. The quality is phenomenal. The cut of each piece was fantastic. You can't see the large clam here very well, but it was presented like a bow. Many sushi restaurants give you humongous chunks of rice topped with tiny pieces of sashimi. Here it was different, the ratio of the sashimi and the rice was just right. The rice doesn't dominate, but complement. And the toro at the end simply melted in my mouth. Ahhhh.... must go back!