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Friday, October 1, 2010

Live Squid at 8th and Western

We were going to the Neptune Lounge for some Korean sushi tonight, but when our friend got there, it turned out it was closed! So we had to change plans, and went to another Korean sushi place nearby. It only had a Korean name so all I can tell you is it's at the corner of 8th and Western... when I got there, I saw this spread of sushi heaven in front of me... so without much ado, I started to wolf everything down. Notice the huge platter of sashimi in the middle: conch, oyster, uni, clams, octopus, etc. etc... and last but not least, live squid, yes I had those squigly thingies... ah!

After the sashimi binge, I went back to Lady Cat, and started to properly introduce myself to new friends. Then voila, another humongous platter of halibut sashimi showed up.

Since we orderd that huge platter... we got a party favor on the House. Egg rice... they added sesame oil, nice touch.

Yummy fish soup at the end... This is one thing I like about Korean sushi -- you get hearty warm stuff too. More satisfying than Japanese sushi imo, especially when you are hungry as I was tonight.