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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cat is Bad

Whatcha looking at? Ever seen a grouchy Cat? Yeah that's me. Give me your turkey, your stuffing, and your pumpkin pie... NOW! Argh, tired of being nice, sweet Cat, I am gonna be a bad Cat from now until January. MEOW...
Sadly, when New Year's bell rings, the evil Cat spell will be broken, and I will be transformed back to sweet Cat again. Boo. I wanna be evil forever! But alas, I have no choice but be super cute and sweet and shriek Kawaaiiiiiiiii! Sigh, the fate of an Asian chick.
But in the mean time, the turkey is mine, all mine!!! Meowhahahahah!


Loanne said...

Whoa? You're Asian? Every day, you reveal more and more about yourself!
Welcome to the club, Sister. Evil is so much more fun. Let's "Bedazzle" this world together like Liz Hurley. We both look good in re.

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