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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


One of my happiest memories in college was a fieldtrip to Gettysburg with Professor M and a group of classmates. It was a crisp autumn morning and J and K had woken me up at the crack of dawn. I remember us standing in front of the dorms shivering in the cold waiting for the school van... Prof M showed us the geography along the way, we saw the major battlefields (couldn't believe the two sides were that close! Would I have been brave enough to march into the enemy fire?), then we had a picnic in the hills near the battlefield, the foliage was beautiful, there was a little stream nearby and beavers had built up several dams... K died a few months later. K, are you doing okay? We are fine here, fumbling through life as usual, but we are fine...
Unattributed image of Gettysburg found on the web