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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cat's Theory of Yummitivity

Yummitivity = YUMMY!/(fancy decor + celebrity status of chef)

The more money they put into foofoo-ry (ok, I made up this word, it means people who spend more time on superficial stuff than innate beauty), the less resource they have to devote to the taste of the food. Also, if the chef happens to be a celebrity chef, the food is bound to be bad cuz he/she is probably too busy appearing on TV to focus on the food.

Case Point I: Look how beautiful this restaurant is...
It's even got a lover's nook! But alas, the food was unmemorable. In fact, I don't event remember the name of the place anymore.

Case Point II: Shilin Night Market in Taipei... no foofoo-ry at all!
And its yummitivity score is outa this world! Oyster pancake...
Stinky Tofu! Served on paper plate and disposable chopsticks, sure signs of max yummitivity!
Tofu Flower... mmmmmm.
In conclusion, yumminess is inversely proportional to fancy decor/celebrity status of chef... End of Lecture. Off to accept my Nobel Prize for culinary science :)