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Thursday, January 20, 2011


Here are a few classic Su-Zhe-Hui dishes I had while on vacation in Shanghai. Su-Zhe-Hui stands for Jiangsu-Zhejiang-Shanghai (Hui is the shortname for Shanghai). It is an area south of the Yangtze River that has traditionally been the heart of Chinese Jiang-Nan (south of the river) culture.

Shredded Daikon and Shredded Jellyfish
Drunken Marinated Periwinkle (the marinate is a Chinese liquor infused with spices)
Drunken Marinated Crab (sort of similar to the periwinkle marinate)
Smoked Fish
Big Zha Crab (M-M-M Good!)
Ga Li (Clams) Noodle Soup
Wontons! Us delicate Su-Zhe-Hui-ers DO NOT eat dumplings (unlike the barbaric northern Chinese), we eat wontons. So the rule is: Dumplings, NEVA, Wantons, Yummy.
Wonton Soup (and for breakfast, we make little wontons and have little wonton soups)

Here is a dish we always eat for Chinese New Year - sauteed Ta Ku vegetable, Bamboo shoots and sticky rice cake (nian gao). These foods are eaten for symbolic reasons: the "Ta" in Ta Ku vegetable means grounded, bamboo shoots shoot higher and higher, and "nian gao" literally means year higher. So the idea is to have a prosperous new year (career/bank account etc grow higher and higher) while remaining a grounded person.
Here is a picture of Ta Ku Vegetable - it's green but flat and I guess that's why it has the word "grounded" in its name.
Shanghainese dessert: fermented rice wine. Mmm.


Anonymous said...

The big zha crab looked so cute!!!
How could you eat such an adorable creature??? If you must, you should have just let your sister to do the honor...:)

Anonymous said...

you are so brave to taste all those meals
Honor! :D

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