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Monday, April 11, 2011

Diamond Jamboree

I love this place! It has all my favorite Asian food places... lalala... here is 85 degrees...
...and here is the ridiculous line, and it only grew longer! WTF. I went to Bon Epi instead. There were no lines and the proprietors are pretty nice :)
Your kitty cat striking a pose next to the pink Hi-Chew candy van. Yep, Diamond Jamboree Plaza is a little piece of Asian food heaven!


Bella said...

Wow. Who does your make up? I like how you left a nice paw print on the other car as you were posing too.

Cat said...

I did my own makeup, like it? heheh, Rawwwr!

Anonymous said...

Yay! We should've taken pics of the goodies we got at Bon epi. Next time. - Jo

Cat said...

Yep, next time... and we are gonna take a pic of the enormous Harry Winston bling bling too :)

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