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Sunday, August 14, 2011


夏祭り or Summer Festival is an annual Japanese holiday (yep this is what's so great about living in a diverse place like SoCal, you can experience the festival of so many cultures with only a minor traffic jam away instead of having to fly a gazillion miles). Yestersday, Mitsuwa, the Japanese grocery store in Torrance (which has a large enclave of Japanese residents), held the annual festival... it was super crowded with kids, parents, grandparents, vendors and kitty cats (k, just me and Hello Kitty:). Some people were even dressed in traditional yukata clothes!
This is what we got for lunch: Japanese veggie pancake and sushi. I was so proud of myself, eating light and healthy. Alright, confession time -- I ate a bunch of yakitori skewers before this, and a grilled corn and some beef bowl afterwards... rubbing pudgy belly.


pei said...

nom nom nom nom nom, wait til you visit, we will stuff you full of food...

Cat said...

NOOOO, I refuse to be a piglet... But food is so delish... dilemma dilemma...

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