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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cat 'n the Southbay Hood

Yo Baby Yo Baby,
Cat is coming to the 'Hood!
Cruisin' in Baby Catmobile,
And munchin' on yummy food...

K, since moving to the Soutbay, I've been exploring new food hangout places by, eh, searching on yelp on my iPad... K, not as cool as Gangsta Cat cruisin 'n the hood, but much more efficient. Saw some good reviews on Chicken Maison so went to check it out.
Cops! Didn't do anything bad, seriously, promise, will behave...
Got their signature dish, the $5 special as advertised above, it was good for $5 but kinda greasy, good neighborhood hangout place though.


She-Hulk said...

You should add a backbeat mp3 to this post so we can feel the gangsta kitty rhythm you're bumping while you say that rap.

Also, I have a new blog:
Check it out when you have time.

Cat said...

Nice blog!

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