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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend 2011

View from the Wayfarer's Chapel in Palos Verdes... this is what makes battling LA traffic all worth it. Beautiful.
Inside the Chapel. It is famous for its architecture: glassy chapel in the midst of pine trees... kind of like an open air chapel. Dear God, please bless this little kitty cat, I don't want much, all I want is to make it to the finishing line safe and sound.
Green tea fruit cake... yum yum yum.
Balloons inside South Coast Plaza...
Katsuya in Laguna Beach... great place for people watching, especially shovel carrying young women with their much older dates... hey, they need something to dig the gold.
Watermelon and cucumber drink... we ordered three of these, two virgins and one slutty, guess who was the slutty one, meow :)
Albacore with fried onion strips...
This is how much we loved this dish :)
Rolllllll... yum.
Seafood at Pacific Fish Center in Redondo Beach Pier... huge pot of Mae Woon Tang or Korean seafood soup.
Reminder: do not get king crab legs, so expensive and so not worth it, this tiny bit cost us $35.
Pinkberry's. Cute little yogurt swirl, I know you want me to eat you, hehe.


Pei said...

nom nom nom nom nom...i want to chomp my way through LA too...

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