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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Where has Cat been lately?

Aww, such cute little cuppie cakes :) I got these mini cupcakes at the Vanilla Bake Shop in Century City Mall. Don't you just want to bite off that delicious looking raspberry? CHOMP!
Coffee Tomo in Little Osaka near Sawtelle. Pretty coffee/chai art. Next time, I wanna see a portrait of Mona Lisa :P
Ramen at Ramen Yamadaya in Westwood, it was kinda greasy. Had to eat like a ton of garlic to ease the greasiness. Reeked of garlic the day after...
Nan Kan near Taoyuan Airport in Taiwan. For some reason, I just couldn't pronounce Nan Kan. When the concierge at the hotel told me about it, I was like, Nan Ken? Nan Kang? Nan King?
Shanghai No.1 in San Gabriel. They are trying to recreate old Shanghai here... decor is slightly gaudy imo.
On my way to lunch at Clementine's.


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